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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Go Digital - Queen of the Crop Challenge # 9&10

The end is here. The final two challenges were scrap lift challenges.

Here is the image I borrowed from for this challenge. Did you say flip?
Here are several photos of my sister and me during my teen years. I am again using those great Groovin' papers. The font is Jokerman.
For the second lift challenge I used this layout. Easter Eggs
Here is my final entry. I realized I had a page with my mom and my sister so I decided to do one with my dad. I'm really pleased with the way this came out. The one photo of me fishing was taken by my dad while we were out on the river. Since it was just the two of us he's not in the photo. The other two photos are from 1967 and 1964. The story behind my first fish was that I was with my dad and he ask me to hold his pole. The fish took the bait at just about that time and I fell flat in the mud. Now as a scrapper I can see the potential of this great photo op but not my mom. She was horrified that her little girl was covered in mud. So before she would snap this wonderful photo of my first fish she took me in and gave me a bath. So here I am posing with my fish all scrubbed up and ready for bed. I used those Groovin' papers one more time. The font is MaiandraGD.

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