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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Go Digital - Queen of the Crop Challenge # 7&8

Well I've completed two more for the challenge. The last 2 will be the hardest because we have to scrap lift from others layouts and with the limited quality of my old photos I'm not sure how I'll do on those. Any where without further delay layouts 7 and 8.
Challenge #7 was Then and Now. Since I wanted to stick with my teen year pictures now that I'm on a roll and the great Groovin' paper sets I decided to go with a Then and Way Back Then. These are pictures of my mom and myself both at the age of 18. I think teens in the 50's looked much older and more mature than we teens of the 70's did. The font I used was Calligraphy. I used Andre Gold's template #182 for this challenge. I loved the little doodles and thought they added a nice element to the layout.
Challenge #8 was to scrap a favorite birthday. That was easy because I really loved my 19th birthday. I was away from home and got to have a special evening with my "Uncle" Joe. As the journaling says I felt very special that night. And like I said in an earlier post I kept perming my poor hair and here's the evidence. I am again using the Groovin' paper and elements. The font CK Fraternity which I thought work with that college era layout.

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Erika said...

Came over to check out your blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE your layouts, especially those teen years. I sadly destroyed all the photos of my "poodle perm" from my teens, which I now regret. I guess as we get older we can laugh at those things more easily instead of being embarrassed. I think a bad perm is a right of passage for every girl. I think i might try out some of the challenges as a way of giving me a kick in the bum to get caught up on some pages.

Have a fabulous weekend (what's left of it LOL),