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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Having Fun with True or False

I had challenged my homeschool group members to play along with a game of true or false. I made 3 statements about myself and ask them which they thought might be true and which might be false and why. As I was working on the Blast from the Past Challenge set for Queen of the Crop yesterday along with the 14 things about me challenge I got the idea to create a layout that answered the question of which things were true or false. I already had the Groovin' still open in the Editor and my albums still laying around to scan from so I decided to go ahead and make the layout. The 3 statements were 1. I was born in Clearwater, Florida. 2. In college I sang with a worship band. 3. I didn't see snow until I was 44 years old.
So here is True or False:

As I said I used the Groovin' paper set. The font is Eras Demi ITC. The only element not from Groovin' is the arrow sort of. The arrow its self is from Tiptoe studio's Dirty Day set but I layered it over with paper from the Groovin' set so it matched. The first question was sort of a trick questions because most people know I'm a Florida native and that I was born on the West Coast but Clearwater is the town north of St. Petersburg. So while the general area was correct the actually city was not. 2. I sang with the Worship band for one semester and then return that summer to go on tour with them. Since I wasn't coming back that let me keep the vest as a keepsake of my time with the group. We had a full praise band and about 20 singers. We wore blue jeans and oxford button down shirts. Most all of our music was original written by our chaplain Chris Hughes and one of the band members Mike Bryant. 3. While I had seen a few flakes in Florida I felt I hadn't really seen snow until we got to Norway. And yes I was 44 at the time of the trip although I turned 45 about six weeks after our return. So there you have the true and the false about me.

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Digitreats said...

Great layouts!! I hope you meet your layout goals - that is a cool ticker! My favourite thing that we did in Florida was definately Sea World. I think my husband and I enjoyed it as much or more than the kids! It was absolutely fascinating and beautiful!