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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Go Digital - Queen of the Crop Challenge #3&4

Here are the next two installments of the Queen of the Crop Challenge.
Here is entry #3. I'm still sticking with the Groovin papers. This was to do a price comparison. I took it a bit further and compared my birth year, the birth year of my oldest, and now. While price difference from 1962 to now were dramatic I think the difference from 1983 to now were even more dramatic. I didn't use a template for this one either. I had a lot of fun adding the buttons to the photos and tacks to the journaling boxes. The font for the title is Subway. The font for the journaling is Calligraph421 BT. UPDATE - 4/1/2008 -- I AM SO EXCITED. I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THIS PRICE COMPARISON WAS CHOSEN FOR THE WINNER IN ITS CATEGORY. I GUESS THAT MADE IT WORTH TO WORK TO COMPLETE IT. PS. I also realize that the egg price is wrong for 2008 it should have been 1.45 not 3.45. I corrected on my own copy but since I save as jpg to save room it was a pain to fix and I'm not bothering here on my blog.

Challenge #4 was to document your favorite outfit. I wasn't sure what I wanted to use so I started looking through my high school album. When I came across the picture of this outfit I just knew this was the one I wanted to document. Again I'm using Groovin'. The font is CK Chick.

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