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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Go Digital - Queen of the Crop Challenge

The challenge is to do 10 layouts in a day and submit them. When I saw that the theme was retro I wasn't sure I wanted to participate or not. I've really been trying to get caught up on regular stuff. But then I decided what the heck why not at least try for it. After reflecting the other day about me now I decided a blast from the past might be fun as well. Its taking a bit of time to scan and touch up some old stuff but I've finished the first two in about an hour which meets the requirement of 2 hours or less per layout. Here our my first two entries. I figure I'll post about two at a time. The first layout was for the Sweet 16 Challenge #1. I used Andrea Gold's Template 202 for the layout and ScrapShana's Groovin' that I purchased from the Go Digital Store. These photos are from my 16th birthday. One photo shows me alone and the other with my little sister. Having a St. Patty's birthday of course always meant Green birthday outfits. The font is Socket. The poem was one my mother had cut out and included in my album at the time. I thought it would be a great way to remember my mom as well. Its amazing how different is now that I'm the mom and have teens.

The second layout was scrapping the Awkward phase. The challenge mentioned that most people found the middle school years as awkward. But I really was happy with my looks in Junior High. It wasn't until my final year of high school that I seemed to "fall apart". So I decided to have fun with that idea and here is my result. I didn't use a template for this second layout. The font in the journal box is Frontier - My Handwriting. The font on the title and dates is Old Century. I used ScrapShana's Groovin' again. It seems to work well with this theme of retro me.

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