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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Throwing Some Scraps Around - In the Schoolhouse Now

Worked with this great kit today. It is full of wonderful bold primary colors plus lots of fun school time elements. I loved the chalkboard and chalk elements the best. They are wonderful for journaling.

I created two layouts with this In the Schoolhouse Now by Throwing Some Scraps Around. If you like it you can pick up HERE at DigiScrap Station.

The first layout is Wacky Graduation 06. It features the graduation from the Camp Fire Summer program. I used the font School Hand Bold Italic from Creative Chaos.

The second layout is School Time and features the two youngest boys on a field trip to the local historic park. The boys got to experience school in the 1880's. I used one of Managirl's templates and the font Century Schoolbook.

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creative.chaos said...

Your LO's are so cute! I love the wacky graduation one. :) The pic is just priceless. And the colors of that kit are just perfect! I love the bright primaries! (Although, I dread any kind of graduation from Ryder! LOL That'll mean that I'm gettin' old! ROFLMAO!)