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Monday, March 2, 2009

Pretty Scrappy Love Challenge

I have until March 5 to finish up the Love Challenge over at Pretty Scrappy but here are a few more of my favorites I've done so far.

Love Daughter -- Pretty Scrappy Love, Template Lyndsy Jane, Font Palatino Linostyle - I love this one because it really shows off all of Hannah's many moods.

Love Internet Friends - Teri and Stacey's Hankey Pankey, Just 2 More Text Path, Font Viner Hand ITC. I think it speaks for itself why I like it.

Love Nature - Stacey Crossley Victorian Gypsy, Andrea Gold Template, Font - CK Summer. I like this one because I was playing with my new camera and I really loved some of the shots that I got.

Love Groom - Creations by Rachel Family Matters, Andrea Gold Template, Font Gothic Century. Sharing why my husband was special to me almost 21 years ago.

Love Wedding - Creations by Rachel Family Matters, Andrea Gold Template, Font Gothic Century. The funny thing was as Hannah was looking over my shoulder while working on it. She kept looking and looking. Finally she ask who is that. Then she said well that looks like you but you are fatter. (ouch) But who's that with you. I said that's Daddy and she looked again and said but he has lots of hair and its red. Age is a terrible thing when pointed out to you by a 7 yo.

Love Smiles - Stacey Crossley Spring Fling, Liz Design Template, Font Arial Black. When Hannah was 17 months old she had to have her front 4 teeth removed because they had no enamel and were breaking off. It was replaced with a bridge. Within a few weeks she fell and bent the bridge and she had the cutest crooked smile. A couple of years later her bridge broke and had to be replaced. The boys missed her crooked smile. Well now its time for it come out to make room for her 2nd teeth. So I took a before and after picture and this layout was the result.

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Stacey said...

Karen wow you have been busy busy! I love that top one with all the photos and journaling...what a fantastic job you've done!!