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Monday, February 2, 2009

365 January 25-31, 2009

Another week. Another layout. I'm so excited that I have kept up with this project. I love the fact that being intentional about getting a photo everyday has helped me to capture some of those more ordinary moments.

This week features the DigiTreats Smirk kit with her 365 add-ons. I used an Andrea Gold template and the font is Trebuchet MS.

Sunday and Monday feature Hannah with her bridge still in her mouth and then out of her mouth. Tuesday features Caleb. He had gotten behind on his school and was working hard to catch up so he didn't miss his day to go out with mom for lunch.
Wednesday features a neat piece of equipment we saw working near where we had lunch because he did finish up his school and earned his lunch. I only had my cell phone camera but it came out okay.
Thursday is a shot that I accidentally took when I picked up my camera. I had forgotten to take anything else so I used it. It is my notebook that I keep by my computer. I make notes on posty notes while working on layouts and then transfer the information into the notebooks so I can keep track of what I use to give proper credit for my layouts. I also put current challenges on a note and then pull them off when I complete the challenge or it passes the deadline to turn it in. Its an obsession but I embrace it so there.
Friday is the featured photo in the circle. Its a picture of my new camera. Yes new camera. My oldest said he was thinking of getting a new camera so I asked if I could have his old one which was better than the old, old one I was using after mine broke. Sweet, sweet boy that he is instead of that he sent me a brand new one. It's last years model but its still better than the one that broke. I'm so excited. The pictures its takes are much sharper and larger than the any of my previous cameras. It also take pictures faster so maybe I'll be able to catch Hayden now and then.
Saturday first picture with the new camera. I was testing to see how fast it took pictures and caught Hannah having a great time hopscotching out front. She always seems to radiate such joy.

Next week will be hard to choose for Sunday. I might have one page for Sunday and then the other six days on a second page. I took a picture at our church that I've been wanting to take for a while, then we headed out to the park and I got some great shots.

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