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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tons of Fun at My Scrap Shop

My Scrap Shop is hosting a bunch of challenges right now that will run until the 31st of the month. The first four challenges can earn you one of the 4 parts of Timeless Romance by Pillowgirl. It is featured in one of my layouts below. And for those who get really busy they are planning on adding even more giveaways this month. You can find the challenges on My Scrap Shop's Forum section HERE.

This evening I completed five of the challenges. This means I am now on tracking for my yearly and weekly layout goals.

Layout 1 - Basket Baby - This was for the Impromptu Challenge, Inspirational Ad. I used Sir Scrapalot's Funky Monkey. I used the ad given as a sort of a sketch to complete the layout. The font is Arial Black.

Layout 2 - Love Letter - This was for the Impromptu Challenge - Hugs since January 21st is International Hug Day. This is one of those layouts that took on a life of its own. I started to journal something simple and that is not what came out. But as I dried my tears I decided to go for broke and leave it all there. I used Pillowgirl's Timless Romance set which is a mega kit made up of four mini kits. You can 1 mini kit for every challenge you complete. I used an Andrea Gold Template and Sherwood font.

Layout 3 - Summer Foreshadow - This one was for the Impromptu Challenge - Font. It was the pictures we took after a particularly heavy summer storm. It was bad that we decided to take pictures. Little did we know that by the time the summer was over we would be hit with several more severe summer storms plus 3 major hurricanes. The kit is EAL's Fall's Glory. The font is Howdown. And I used an Andrea Gold Template.

Layout 4 - Caleb's Snake - This one is actually from this year. This one was submitted in the Template Challenge. I moved the circles over a bit because I know that when printed in a photobook the pictures would be lost in the crack. I took the journal area and replaced it with a reshaped journal mat from kit. The kit is Pillowgirl Hootie. The font is Impact.

Layout 5 - Daddy's Home - This is another Impromptu Challenge. This one is Poetry. I used a poem written by my mother when I was little. I used photos from that era to highlight the poem. The kit is Ladybug's Recipe of Love. The font is Lucida Handwriting.

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Pillowgirl said...

Fantastic layouts. I love looking at the old photos! I am especially happy to hear you are on track for your goals and that you are getting inspiration from the challenges at MSS. Keep coming back, we'll make more lol.