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Monday, January 26, 2009

Project 365 - Layouts

Well I've actually done. I've taken a picture every day and actually gotten the layouts done at the end of each week. I'm using a variety of templates. There are lots of great ones out there both free and purchase. But I plan to use the DigiTreats kits throughout this year's project. Pam has even created some special 365 add-ons for sale in her store. I am using all three but only one each week. I'll try to rotate a bit but will use the one that best matches the pictures or who's extras work the best for the layout of the week. I was originally going to do a 2-page layout but I decided that would make a really large book at the end of the year so unless the pictures are of something really, really special I'll stick to 1 page per week. I'm also thinking about taking one of the monthly templates and putting a opening page for each month featuring all the photos on one page. I've really been having fun with this project. I also hope to post the layout each week.

So here they are the first four 365 layouts for 2009.

Week January 1-3 - DigiTreat Smirk - Template ScrapInge, Font Herald

Week January 4-10 - DigiTreat Giggle - Template Andrea Gold - Font Subway

Week January 11-17 - DigiTreat Shout - Template Lina's Layouts - Font Lucida Handwriting

Week January 18-24 - DigiTreat Giggle (including some of the great 365 add-ons) - Template Yin Designs 365 - Font Georgia

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