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Monday, September 1, 2008

Getting Clever When Your Photos are So-So

A new goal for my layouts on this blog is not to share every layout I do but to focus on layouts that either highlight an interesting technique like the ones below, reflect work I've done as a Creative Team member, or are special to me for a variety of reasons. I'll put a link up soon on the side bar of my gallery where I display all my layouts if you would like to see more of my work. That way the blog can highlight both my design freebies, the work of the great designers I work for, or things that will help others out.

I had a couple of events that I wanted to record but all or most of the photos were just so-so. Either taken with my phone or in a place with bad lighting. The solution be pick a very clever theme kit that ties in well with the photos and has some fun elements to add in.

The first layout is from a field trip to see Alice in Wonderland put on by the Little Theater. I found just the perfect kit just when I needed it. Lisa Minor recently added some great Disney themed kits and Tumblin Alice was just perfect for this page. The little elements really set off the picture perfectly.

This second layout features the work of several designers in the ADS Design June Collaboration Kit Popsicle Paradise. It work really well for the Beach Party Themed VBS.

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~HJ said...

Another trick is if the photo isn't quite right, use it as a secondary photo and add filter work to it, like cartooning, blurring and oil painting.