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Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's a Race - Who Will Get Here First

I've been working on my offsite back up now for a few weeks. I'm down to the last 8GB or so. Its estimating a completion time of 2 days 12 hours. Which is about the projected time of Fay's arrival to the Central Florida area. Since I want time to cool off my computer and pack it up before the storm arrives I'm really hoping the backup speeds up a bit. After Charlie in 2004 I'm not relying on the NHC's projected intensity. Charlie went from being predicted as being a Category 1 hitting Tampa and giving us in Central Florida minimal winds to coming ashore south of Tampa as a Category 4. By the time it hit our area it was still a good Category 2. So today we go into full emergency mode. I will leave the computer up as long as possible to hopefully get the back up finished or leave very little undone. We need to charge up iPods, Game Boys, and cell phones.

After Charlie we were lucky in that we got our power back after a couple of days but the cable was out for several weeks and since that's also my internet link to the outside world depending on what happens it could be a while before I'm back.

Hopefully, I'll be back by Thursday or Friday with a backed up computer, no storm damage, and great freebie. But if not you'll know why.

Take care and keep safe.

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Cindyrelly said...

Did you get any flooding? Where do you live? I live in Oviedo but grew-up in Winter Park and lived in East Orlando for many years while going to Valencia and UCF. Oh, Thanks for the cute Jump and Run Pencils ;) Wow... Homeschooling... now that is something that takes some courage and dedication. Do you belong to any groups? If you want, you can email me @ cjs at bellsouth dot net. BFN... Have a Great Weekend ;)