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Monday, June 2, 2008

Lots Going On

I've been chosen to part of OScrapMoMo also known as Lisa Minor to work on her Creative Team. I've already used a lot of her great kits in the past and now I get to work on them before they come out I'm so excited. I just got the new kit and wow. Watch in the next couple of days for some great layouts. I've also been reading posts in the Yahoo Group adsdesigners. I'm learning and lot and maybe someday I'll be brave enough to try some of my own designing. I'm going to work with one of the designers kits as well and do some layouts and feed back. So I have a lot of stuff to work on. And then to top it all off the great adsdesigner members created a great collaboration kit called Popsicle Paradise that looks like it will be loads of fun to work with. Here is one link to get you started on finding this great kit. DigiScrapalicious You can also find out more about the Designers Yahoo group as well.
GOAL UPDATE: Can't remember if updated my goals but 2004 School album is done and 2005 is about 1/2 finished. I think I must of been camera happy in 2005. I have twice as many pictures for this year than any other if you take out vacation pictures. Also I think I maybe able to talk Hannah into letting me do her 2008 album in digital form as well so that might speed things up. That would just leave Jacob's albums to be done in paper which will be a great way to use up my supplies as I still have plenty of stuff to do for him. Not sure how many individual albums it will turn out to be but he has pictures from a month in South Africa, a month in China, some general school pictures, his road trip to Luther, his Great BBQ search trip, and his most recent trip to South Dakota. Mainly I have a bunch of pictures with out correct dates and locations waiting for him to send pack proof sheets with the appropriate notes that are on my computer just waiting to be printed. And then he has more on his computer that he needs to get to me. My goal is to buy no new paper until I use up what I have.

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