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Monday, April 28, 2008

Pumpkin Festival

As you've noticed no challenges in a while. I have a couple I really need to finish up but I've kind of gotten burned out for a while. I really want to finish up School 04 because I'm so close. Also I have some day surgery on Friday and I'm not sure how much I'll be sitting up at the computer I'll be doing for a at least a few days. I'm repairing the damage 6 full term pregnancy can do to a girl and that's all I'll say on that subject but since my all my photos and stuff is on the external HD that I've gotten set up so it doesn't get knocked off the desk (like the last one) I'll probably be just surfing the next and watching Netflix watch it nows next week.

Now onto the layout. I really love how this one came out although it got a bit frustrating. Twice I did something to try and move an element hidden by just making it bigger and PSE locked up and I had to force quit. Really frustrating the first time as I had already made the the little title and journal elements. So I realized after the second time not to do that again. And third time was the charm. Although I did the elements last just in case. The pictures were taken at a Pumpkin Festival south of us. It was a lot of fun but a bit pricey and we haven't been back. I used Simply Yin Template #18 sifting a few of the photo areas to suit the pictures I had. The paper and elements are all from OScrapMoMo's Old MacDonald's Farm that I purchased at her store at ScrapDebris. Although her paper is 8x8 in most kits I was easily able to stretch the background paper out to the 12x12 page I was working on without any real loss. All the other elements I was just able to move the 8x8 sheet where I needed it with no problem. I love her little elements for fun journaling as you saw on the Camp layout. Make sure you check out her store as each kit is really special and comes with lots of fun elements. Plus at $1 a piece the price can't be beat. Oops almost forgot the font is CK-Summer

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