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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Not Much Scrapping Getting Done

Well I didn't get any scrapping down this week. I finally order the Digital & Hybrid Scrapbooking and Card Making from The Digital Scrapbooking Teacher that I've had my eye on for awhile. While all the video and only line stuff is helpful I really wanted a book I could refer to while I was actually working. I haven't really had a chance to read or apply it yet. One of things I got was the PSE organizer catalog complete with tags. So I've spent all week reorganizing all my digi stuff and getting it into the organizer. One change I made was to move kits and designers away from being a tagged item and created a collection for each vendor. So far I have all my folders reorganized and into the organizer. I have all the pieces into my vendor collections. The next and more daunting task will be to get everything tag by type, color, theme, etc. But it will be well worth the effort when I'm done. So instead of scrapping I've been organizing. I'm sure it will pay off in the end.

I had a couple of challenges I was going to do this week but time just got away from me. I had two days that should have been quiet at home days that got completely out of control. I thought I had a 2 hour party this morning that ended up being more like 4.5 which really cut my free time. Friday we got our tax return so it was off to Walmart to spend it on some much needed household items. First we stopped and got the boys hair cut in the store for 1/2 an hour. And then apparently everyone else had the same idea so after over an hour of shopping with all 4 kids and then standing in line 20 minutes I got home. Only to realize I had none of the things I needed for the salad I was making for today. Then my husband had to pick up a prescription so it was back to Walmart. Another 1.5 shopping because it was so crowded and 30 minutes in line. I feel like I spend my whole day at Walmart. Note to self---Never, Never, Never go to Walmart on Friday especially during tax return season.

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