My Scrapbook Goals and How I'm Doing

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bad Scrapper and Bad Poster

Well another week and I haven't really added anything to our blog or gotten any scrapping done. But I did get all my digiscrap stuff organized. First I redid my folders to reflect where the supplies came from. Then I used the catalog I mentioned in my last blog with some additional tweaking and now its all done. When down loading new things I download and open on my desk top. Drag the the correct folder in my file system. Then open organizer and load and tag each item. Even when I have several downloads the process actually goes pretty quickly.

But I found 3 new challenges from some of my favorite bloggers on the stores they are associated with. They are all due from the 23-26th of this month. Two are template challenges and one is actually a challenge to complete a page per letter. This week are the letters A and B. I'm thinking of doing this one with my daughter. Having her help me pick out the pictures and such.

So hopefully I will have something great to post later this weekend.