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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Challenging Challenge

I haven't really spent much time over at GDS (Go Digital) but I do check Andre Gold's blog regularly because I love her templates. Well she is hosting a new challenge and if you used her kit there will be a posting bonus of 2 brand new template grab bags. So I decide to give it a try. Here's the link to the Spiritual Challenge. You were to do a layout about what is unpleasant in your life right now.

I started with an idea of what I wanted to do and as I worked on it I started feeling lots of stuff coming out but as I worked on I felt that still small voice speaking to me giving me a scripture verse that I hadn't really thought about in a while. As the focus of my layout seemed to changed I was tempted to take the other stuff off. Why leave that darker stuff if a great hopeful lesson was learned. But then I realized that the lesson was meaningless without the struggle that proceeded it so I left it all on there. It is really clutter compared to what I usually do but then life right now is cluttered and complicated.

The layout was created with Andrea Gold's My Imperfect Life kit. All of the elements and title words can be found in the kit. You can find the link on the challenge thread. The template is Andrea Gold template 309. The font is a new one for me Schol-Hudson Bold. The photo looking through the whole in the wall was taking in the backyard of the Oldest House in St. Augustine, FL. And in bold move I even included a very little picture of me. This was taken the same day at Ripley's Museum in St. Augustine.

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