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Sunday, November 9, 2008

CT Work For Stacey Crossley

Last night I had fun creating a layout with the Express Scrapping at the Digi Scrap Station. We were given a set of instruction over an hour period and then had one additional hour to get the layout done. I used this great kit by Stacey Crossley - The Poirier Girls.
So here's the break down of what we had to include in the layout.
3 photos - check
2 papers - one is the back ground paper and one is the paper used in the journal area. Paper - check
1 frame reused - check
6 ribbons - 4 straight and 2 bows for a total of 6 but together in a cluster element. Ribbons - check
Fasten ribbons with button - one button in center of ribbon cluster - check
Fasten photos to paper or ribbon with fasteners - used 3 different clips to hold the pictures - check
3 flower per kid - 5 kids therefore 15 flowers. - 2 flowers make up the journal area. 4 flowers for the corner decoration. 9 flowers in cluster above journal area. 2+4+9 = 15. So flowers - check
Journal - check
Date - Check

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