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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Final Creative Team

I had decided that I could probably work comfortably on 4 teams. Well my very good friend Mega-Doodle invited me to part of her test team so that made #4. I'm so excited because I love so many of her actions. I really appreciate the fact that she has created some great actions for Photo Shop Actions. Another great feature of her products are the wonderful instructions she includes not only on using the product but getting it set up in your program. And she'll even answers questions if you get stuck. I loved what I learned about loading actions.

Anyway the first new product we got to test out was patterns. She plans to be selling it in 3 different packages
1) Mega-Pattern Set 01 for PS (51 patterns (1 .pat file))
2) Mega-Pattern Set 01 for PSE (51 patterns (1 .pat file))
3) Mega-Pattern Set 01 (58 Overlays and 51 png pattern files) <-- For non-PS users. Here is a link to her store. If the version you want isn't available yet make sure you check back. Mega-Doodle at My Scrap Shop This is not a direct link to the product above because while you're there you'll want to check out some of her other great stuff as well.

I used the PSE set and found the directions very easy to use. Here's the paper I created using the patterns. I actually created a base layer in white, red, and blue. I loaded one of the patterns over the red and clipped it and another over the blue. This gave me a great patterned paper. This took me about 10 minutes to create and that included creating the color layers. It was super easy and lots of fun.

Watch for more great use of patterns in upcoming freebies now that I know how it works.

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Mega-Doodle Inspired said...

Great use of the patterns!! = )