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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Freebies Coming Soon

I have been working on some new stuff both totally my own and DigiTreat add-ons and hope to have them posted soon. But after several of my designer friends have computer failures and virus and loosing lots of stuff I decided to take out "insurance" by backing up to a remote site. I know I'll be glad when its done but the first major back up takes forever as in days and days to accomplish. To try and speed things up I'm trying to keep computer time to a minimum so I can leave the back up speed at full. And because of my low amount of RAM the max my machine will accept PSE will not really run at all unless I complete stop the back up process. I know this because I locked it up Sunday night trying it. So I promise more freebies soon and if the back up is still running this weekend I'll pause and get something done this weekend as its my only Saturday free for the next several months.

I figured I'd better give my subscribers and new visitors a quick update.

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