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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some changes

If you didn't notice there is a slight name change on the blog although nothing else has changed. I decided that I wanted my design name to be somewhat separate from my scrapping name and since there is already a Lighthouse Designs I had to work on something else. So we discussed it as a family and I have a design name. So I will be the Lighthouse Scrapper for my scrapping and Harbor Designs for my designing. I have another freebie from the DigiTreat family almost ready to go but I wanted to come up with my design name first. So I will not be reissuing my first few offerings but all new offerings will carry the new design name. I plan on rewriting my TOU to make it simpler and easier to understand as well. So as soon as I get all that together I'll have a freebie for you. I have also started work on the next ADSDesigners Mega Kit which will be released August 1st. So if you enjoyed Backyard Playground which released July 1st and Popsicle Paradise that released June 1st, I'm sure you'll love the kit as well. Who knows how many designers will be part of the group by then.

Finally just for fun I was playing around in PSE today and created a little lighthouse that may or may not become part of my logo. Let me know if you like my simple little hand drawn element. I was hoping to work on some elements for the August kit and do some layouts but decided to back up my PSE catalog of digi things real quick before I got started. I'm still waiting on that of course. I guess I forgot how long it takes. I wish I had thought to start it before church this morning. I suggest you come back later this week for another freebie as I have a bunch of stuff going on the first part of the week.

Thanks for stopping by.

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