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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nature Fest and A Little Hint of a Freebie to Come

You will notice a cute little sticky note on each page of this layout. This is a hint of a freebie that will be available soon on this blog.

This layout was taken when we went down to a little Nature Fest. The boys really loved getting to do the shooting and it was fun to see Dan even get in the act with the ax throwing. There was a sand pit to do some fossil digging as well. The boys were also very interested in the old planes and other machine near where the car was park. Of course the highlight was getting a bag of ladybugs to come home and release in our own garden.

This layout was created with all Jump Elements available either free or for purchase from DigiTreat with the exception of the sticky notes which I created myself in the Jump colors. The stickies were made with 2 actions one was the sticky note action from Mega-Doodle and the other was the notebook action from Pineapple Plantation. I duplicated the sticky note color layer. Applied the notebook action and then lowered the opacity so that the colored layer underneath showed through. I made a whole set of the Jump sticky notes which I will post as a freebie for you soon. Font is Jester.

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Mega-Doodle Inspired said...

Hello! You are right, those sticky notes look great! What a fabulous idea to put those lines on there! Thanks for sharing with me!!