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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's A Treasure Hunt

Before we went to Amelia Island we had been doing a Florida study. We concluded our Florida study with a look at Florida's Pirates. We especially like reading Twenty Florida Pirates by - Kevin M. McCarthy - Pineapple Press c 1994 - ISBN 1-56164-050-6. We all had a great time with the study so we decided that a neat way to finish up the study would be to have a "real" hunt for buried treasure. And what could make it even more fun that including your cousins. I had ordered a bunch of stuff from Oriental Trader including treasure, pirate bandanas, and pirate flags. My husband and brother-in-law created two treasure maps one for the younger guys and one for the older guys to lead them to the treasure. They had great fun working in teams and following the clues. Amelia Island actually has a pirate history so it was the perfect place for our pirate party. There were even Pirate statues downtown and I've included a few of those pictures in this layout as well.

To make this layout I used the Pirate Kit from Annie Things Possible. It wasn't until I dragged the paper on to my layout that I realized that it actually was a map that showed Florida. So I planted a pirate flag right on Amelia Island and then positioned the papers in such a way that you can see the great map underneath. Font is Comic Sans MS

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