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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Designs by Crazy Diamond

The final two for this weekend are both from Designs by Crazy Diamond. I used both kits in different ways than the name implies. I really love kits that have lots of versitility because they allow me to use them in all kinds of ways. I was always different than a lot of my friends when I paper scrapped as well. They would always match up the paper to the colors in the photos. I would choose paper based more on the theme of my page, what appealed to me, or frankly what I had on hand.

The first layout uses the Daddy Kit. The title font is Boulder that I typed and then clipped with a piece of the paper from this kit and then applied a bevel effect. The font on the file tabs is also Boulder with Mega-Doodle's Wax Seal style applied. The journaling fount is Humnist BT.

The second layout while heavy on the Christmas theme includes not Christmas colors in the kit. I actually used Sunshine State of Mind. I loved the bright colors and it keeps several December pages from looking the same. New for me was peaking the elements out from behind the pictures. I have often overlapped photos but always felt like the element had to be all there or not there. I really love the way this layout came together though. The font is Calligrapher.

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