My Scrapbook Goals and How I'm Doing

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Still Working.

Well now that church is over I'm back to working. I can't wait to update my ticker later today. I'm making myself wait until I'm done to see how much progress I can make. I've decided that 2005 must have been a banner photo year. I've already complete about 1/2 the number of layouts that I did for the 2004 school album except I'm still working on February. So here is the first layout for today. The kit is from the Scrap Orchard Design Challenge. This one is from week 2. MaHa You Stylish Lady. This kit proved to be very adaptable as there is not a single lady in the layout. It is actually from a day that my husband took the boys to see the tractor show. It was a kind of grey day and the bright colors of the set really set things off well. The fon is Socket.

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