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Monday, April 14, 2008

Go Digital - Progressive Challenge

Well this was really a different experience. We had to do this layout in 4 steps but only one step was at a time so when I started I had no idea where I was going to end up.
Step 1 use 6 papers
1 paper must have circles in it
3 papers must be patterned, something other than circles
2 plain papers
Step 2
3 photos
Here is your 3rd Step
6 Elements
Ric Rac
2 elements of your choice
Again you may duplicate any of these elements, no changing the size or color just duplicate them if you want.
4th Step
Title and Journaling
Title and Write something that relates to your photos
No changing the first steps that you have already posted.

So here was the finally product. I used the paper and elements from GDS-QOTC March Challenge gift. The only things not straight from the kit is the glitter doodle that I'm not sure where I got that and the ric rac that was a blank template that I papered with paper from the kit. Everything else is from the kit. Oh the journal shape was also a template piece overlaid with the paper from the kit for the first step.

The pictures are from my son's 13th birthday.

The font for title and journaling is Boulder. The title is a play on the "I'm A Big Kid Now" commercial.

In same ways this challenge was really hard because you didn't know where you were headed when you started. Also you had a limited time to get each step submitted as the whole thing had to be done in two weeks. But I learned a lot and really had to stretch and grow. You'll need to check out he GDS Forum for the next progressive challenge.

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