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Monday, March 24, 2008

Crosswalk 2008

Each year in our town we have a Crosswalk. The different churches meet at 4 points equal distance from the downtown and walk in carrying crosses. Then we have a service right there in the downtown area in the open air. This year as part of the service we learned of the cup of Wrath. We then poured out our cup onto the cross. The cross was wooden cross was brown when we started but by the time the pouring out was over the cross had taken on a red tint. Even the water under the cross had taken on a reddish tint. It was a very meaningful service.

I did a two page layout of the event using a blog freebie from Nichole Goes Digi Scrapping. Although the papers went 12x12 they did stretch out and looked fine. I forgot to write down what font I used and as I save in jpg that information is now lost to me.


Stacey said...

Oh this is a fantastic use of the papers! I'm honored that you chose these papers for an event of this magnitude. I'd love to hear more about this event; it would be awesome if our town had something similar. If you'd allow it, I'd love to post one or both of these layouts on Nicoal and possibly on my personal blog,

Oh--and I'm a homeschool mom as well (to only one, our youngest who is the AL in NiCoAl). I talk about it from time to time at JameeForever. ~Stacey

Stacey said...

I've published your layout at NicoalGoesDigiScrapping. Thank you so much.